Ellenton Epic Edge

Ellenton Epic Edge was founded under the direction of Jade Fulton in 2018, with the teams representing the Southwest Florida Figure Skating Club.  As a former National and World Champion in the Synchronized Skating discipline, she has the experience and knowledge necessary to build this program from the ground up.


Synchronized skating offers skaters a way to build relationships in an otherwise solitary sport.  Jade saw the need for this type of program in Florida and wanted to bring young skaters together. In just 4 years, Ellenton Epic Edge has developed a reputation for producing teams that can compete at the same level as well-established programs throughout the United States.


During the 2019/2020 season, the Open Juvenile team competed at its first Eastern Sectionals Championship. During the COVID-19 shut down, the team took advantage of the time off to reevaluate what we wanted from the program. Jade attended a conference about growing a grassroots synchronized skating program and dove headfirst into recruiting new skaters and attending virtual events to build the most robust program possible. Three years later, we have 4 teams competing in various levels. We are proud of the hard work we have put into growing and educating our club and skaters in synchronized skating.  The Epic Edge coaching staff and teams have big goals for the future and look forward to your support along the way.

First Saturday of the season for Aspire/OJ teams

If you are interested in joining our team contact us at info@ellentonepicedge.com

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